Birth After War


From the Window it is calm_
Outside blowing wind.
We are fixed eyes on the horizon.
We are holding arms and swords
Coming to the fork.

Seeds appear like comets,
Simple and clear new things
That dig into an
old, complicated past.
Damage does what lazy leaves,
Falling to an earth not cultivated.

Soil is polluted.
Neighboring roots are dieing.
Rain falls acid,
Sun shines bitter.
Sharing is costly and compelling,
But the Seed sprouts.

She sprouts, tracking the sky,
vast and navy black.
A nest for new worlds,
Expanding All of Us.

Stars die
Hence it is so; this is how children are born.

There is nothing to let go,
she is everywhere,
any place that the mind can suppose.

Michael Louw and I did a song based on this poem. Listen to it here.


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