Eye to Eye

your words – not my words –
of regret
always present the thought
the fear
that I wasn’t enough

that i was swayed, deviating
that i have not lived up to my potentials
that i compromised

and it is so devastating your acknowledgement
that it is not enough for me to pick it up now
and become

i must pass through the devastation
through the only acknowledgement that echoes
through my bodies

to consider dreaming that old dream again
anew again

how can your past be my inspiration
if it casts shadows in long mourning notes
through my house

how would you have me embrace your pain
how will you begin to forgive me
so that you may see that I Am You.

The bed you made for me
I sleep in
the key you gave to me I Keep

the door is in a house
of shame
the door is in a house
of ruin

ghosts roam still
meeting eye to eye, along
the long and splintered halls.


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