Push for Change

its that time again to push
for change

push coming to shove
as the moon cycle comes into full swing
scarlet smell of oldness
and the mere request for change
becomes a full blown criticism

and i feel ugly
and my house
is a mess
and people are calling me
and wanting an explanation

and the missing women
are still missing

and the missing women
are dead

and the stomach and love handles
and the first world
third world

the deep mariam
and the shallow love

the empty boxes
the pile of clothes
the money on the food
and the food left on the table
the rotting kambucha
waiting for tea in the fridge
the missing women deaths in custody
the risk of exile, second class citizen.

the one love in the past
and in the present

the dentist
the optometrist
the oral surgeon
the audiologist
the hair straightener
the shoes
the bag
the activity and inactivity
the passion and drama

the singing
the singing

the push to change
the push for more

it’s not enough
the fight is never over
the flourishing is always happening

even when the winter comes
and the withering begins

my body chases my soul
from sleep to awakedness

It’s that Time Again To Push
for Change.


6 thoughts on “Push for Change

  1. Thank you Ponder with a Pen Misfit Bounded By Word, I have a recording of it said aloud, I’d like to link it here. look out for it. I think you will appreciate it. As I do your comment.

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