My Mistake

I lacked that tenacity you forecasted for me
last week

I lost my grip

the steadfastness and patience
you prayed for
was lost on me
the way pages are lost flinging
from an open case

tattered, worn/leathered
open case
that files away
unanswered questions, as if they never         pile up

my resolute demeanour that
escapes me now
I boasted so gracefully

with rough tongue i do
lick my wounds
and tears i kept for too long
do well to subdue
the promise of your return

I lie with hope every night
leaving myself alone

that determination you thought you saw in my eyes
was certain, daunting anger
hidden rage barking in the voice of hate

so righteous I became;
the director and projector of my pain

when the truth is a story of the choiceless one must
begin again

such a clean-slate you flung at me
all it caught was this ego-stenched
pungent smell of fury

it drips over my every move
like poison to fool
those blessings you shower upon me now
those borrowed tears I’ve used
trying to wipe away my mistake –
my de-robed mind


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