HRAFF 2016 | A Walnut Tree Trailer

A Pakistani refugee camp. A family displaced by war. Such is the focus of the documentary A Walnut Tree, a stunningly poetic and clear-eyed account of the turbulent internal conflict that occurs when people are uprooted from their homeland and forced to reside in an unstable refugee camp. From a compassionate distance, director Ammar Aziz casts his lens upon the elderly Baba, a former poet, teacher and grandfather of the family in question. Consumed by his memories of life before war and fearful of his family’s uncertain future, A Walnut Tree allows us to witness life from behind his eyes, and by proxy the many other displaced people around the globe today.

“Baba really becomes a metaphor of the collective pain of that land. As an educator and a poet, he gives a familiar face to the Pashtun people who are usually seen as ‘the others’.” – Ammar Aziz, Director.

Ammar Aziz / Pakistan / 81 minutes / Pashto with English Subtitles / Documentary


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