Release Kuni Sikaka

via Surya Dash Viva Revolucinema
Last night Muniguda police and paramilitary forces raided Gorata, the village of Niyamgiri Suraksha Samiti leader Dodi Pusika and abductedd his daughter-in-law Kuni Sikaka, who is also the niece of NSS leader Lado Sikaka. The police claims that she is a hardcore Maoist rebel with a prize on her head and anyone trying to prove otherwise would be seen as a Maoist. In one heinous blow the Vedanta-Odisha govt nexus has managed to bring such terrible anguish to the families of both the Dongria Kondh leaders. Kunni Sikaka is Lado’s niece and from Lakhpadar village. She is married to Jagili Pusika, the son of Dodi Pusika, also a vocal anti Vedanta activist. Youth leader Dasuru and the teenaged Saibo, both from Gorata are in jail for being Maoists. That the police can step into the home of Niyamgiri Suraksha Samiti president Dodi Pusika’s home at midnight and abduct his daughter-in-law without any women police personnel is a clear message from the police how much they care for the law themselves. The worse part is now which is torture in custody. Bitter irony of the times being that this news will hardly merit as much attention as a Savarna activist winning an award for the Niyamgiri struggle.