Waxing (non) Poetic at Vancouver’s CO-OP Radio — Fauzia Rafique

Yesterday, i had an interesting conversation about my just-launched novel The Adventures of SahebaN: Biography of a Relentless Warrior with Pamela Bentley and RC Weslowski, two of my favorite poets, slam artists and radio hosts at Vancouver’s CO-OP Radio. You can listen to it if you like. There are excerpts from the first SahebaN story […]

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Sana Janjua – Playwright and Poetess this month at Surrey Muse


Sana Janjua is a poet, performer and playwright. Her writings have been published at The Laaltain and Uddari Weblog, and she has presented monologues at various cultural and literary venues. Her play Migration, written and directed for a group of Pakistani-Canadian youth, expresses the experience of loneliness and pathos of (forced) migration and exile. Her monologue Smaller Names explores the dynamics of silencing of women’s stories, and the trauma and shame they endure as they speak. As well, her poems and monologues focus on the invalidating environments produced by neoliberalism. She has hosted events for Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Women’s International Day, Surrey Muse, and numerous book launching ceremonies for authors. Sana is now working on a full-length play and a chapbook of her poetry and essays. She is a Founding Member and the President of Surrey Muse.

Sana is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse, and enjoys working in the field of mental health.

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At the November 25 gathering of Surrey Muse, Sana will present at the Open Mic. More information about the event is here:


‘Today is the day, Jattee!’ — The Adventures of SahebaN: Biography of a Relentless Warrior

‘Today is the day, Jattee,’ the Mistress said as she returned from the washroom to take back her Lazyboy. From Coming of the Clothes: SahebaN & the Rites of Reproduction launching today, November 20th 4pm at VG PlayRoom, Camp Alexandra in Surrey, with Host Virginia Gillespie, Guest Speaker L.P. Wallinger, and Author Fauzia Rafique (presenting excerpts […]

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