Book Review of the Flayed City by Hari Alluri

The Flayed City by Hari Alluri Kaya Press, 2017 Review by Jenny Minniti-Shippey “Give ear to the low hum in in the trees / outside yourself,” writes poet Hari Alluri in the opening section of his new collection, The Flayed City. And give ear the poems do, to the music of the natural world and […]

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HRAFF 2016 | A Walnut Tree Trailer

A Pakistani refugee camp. A family displaced by war. Such is the focus of the documentary A Walnut Tree, a stunningly poetic and clear-eyed account of the turbulent internal conflict that occurs when people are uprooted from their homeland and forced to reside in an unstable refugee camp. From a compassionate distance, director Ammar Aziz casts his lens upon the elderly Baba, a former poet, teacher and grandfather of the family in question. Consumed by his memories of life before war and fearful of his family’s uncertain future, A Walnut Tree allows us to witness life from behind his eyes, and by proxy the many other displaced people around the globe today.

“Baba really becomes a metaphor of the collective pain of that land. As an educator and a poet, he gives a familiar face to the Pashtun people who are usually seen as ‘the others’.” – Ammar Aziz, Director.

Ammar Aziz / Pakistan / 81 minutes / Pashto with English Subtitles / Documentary