I am a poet and an audio/visual artist
who sees the political and mystical relevant in everything
I do, say and create.

This blog covers my poetry, songs, art and videos but also features work from artists I follow as well as news I highlight.

Currently, I am learning to open my singing voice and figuring out how to mix those vocals to music. Bare with me!

The blog is titled Ahona; it is a Bengali word for ‘the early rays of dawn’.
Subha is my author name and it is a word I know in Urdu. It means ‘the morning’.
taRka is my Soundcloud name and it is a ‘desi’ cooking term… when you heat oil on high heat and sprinkle spices, let them sizzle and crackle. Myrh is a phonetic guide to speaking my name, its root meaning in my understanding is love, the sound mur is love. That’s my story and i’m sticking to it. Ya dig ;)

So there you have it…

You can find songs I make at

I self-publish through
Purple Poppy Press

Here is a link to posters I design for Surey Muse, an Interdisciplinary Art and Literature Presentation Group.

This is my out-dated design site

And finally: Thank you… for everything.

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