the deepening

pieces of me in others…

those coming to my cheek with greetings…
its in the letting go

in the understanding
in the emptiness of non-meeting
in the hollowness
of a dead end

still, the journey was full
and now I turn back –

with an empty stomach and a deepening gut



“I come with directions, but you don’t follow them.”

Hope Away (song lyrics)

our way
callin’ callin’
your name

comin back from so far
come back come back from so far
come back in love from so far
from so far

I don’t know what it is
just cause you ain’t never said
but I know a way
but then no one has the time to hope away
this is precious time when no one really hopes a way
this time , hoping that the things will turn around
hope is waiting

what is the meaning
of the holiness that you so farther?
own it!
I did not open this way – now –
I can hold it.
This final wish i would not give
but i’m callin
i’m callin to your hollow
I am callin callin
callin your name

Hoping you….
_ i’ve been calling hope

Calling Hope

My Body Drinks

my body drinks water based liquids and eats nourishment and smokes herbs and petals, buds and stems. my being dances, breathes, and listens. i am in tune and conscious to productive hi’s and stagnant low’s; as they pass through i let the tone in my notes absorb the impact. i receive assistance through all my relations in our work. all-together.

Not in the Body

(my Ta’wiz)
sinking in the river
i remembered
(my Ta’wiz)
in the river

this sinking understanding
thousands of lessons
hundreds and hundreds of years
has been the story of one time

oh the poets
say as if there was a time
that we all
were like this living together

but this must have not been in the body
it is outside the body
it is within the body
as is within the world
as is without the world

oh poets
say that in that time
we all, all of us
were together

oh poets

but they must not have been speaking about us
as beings with bodies
they must have been talking about
outside the body
inside the body
as is inside the world
as is outside the world

To Smell The Scent Of You

the flowers bend down to smell the scent of you
and the leaves are shaking
and they love to dance
they love to dance

when i go out with you
when i go out with you

wicked is the tune
wicked is the tune with which we do ruin
each and every moment
that could do it in; that idea that one thing
could lead to another
how daft that!
a dangerous verdict!

how daft!
that’s dangerous!

a dangerous verdict!