A program Never-Seen-Before – ‘Women who named The Unnamed’ – a comment by Ajmer Rode

Women Who Named the Unnamed

Program Poster designed by Mariam Zohra D.

‘Surrey weekends have become colorful these days. Variety of cultural programs presented by South Asian artists is one of the reasons. One such program I recently attended was, ‘Women Who named the Unnamed’ the like of which I can hardly remember ever seeing. The program, every aspect of it, exuded creativity and devotion. Truly inspiring. Presented by Surrey Muse Arts Society with some other South Asian organizations, the program celebrated women heroes from Pakistan and Canada. Poets, authors, social and political activists, scholars, theater artists… made the list. The program was presented on the Center Stage Surrey. And the five young women who presented it with their unique graceful artistry seemed to say the unsaid about the women heroes. Kudos to them five sui generis.

‘Each Pakistani woman was introduced highlighting how she challenged the very ethos of Pakistani culture, how she dared…

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‘So Proud of You Mom’ by Shayla Dawn Szabo

Women Who Named the Unnamed

Katheren Szabo, Woman of Courage, at Saturday’s celebration

So honoured to have attended the Women who Named the Unnamed tonight, and so proud to hear my mom speak and open the event- such powerful messages and inspiration throughout the entire event.

Shayla Dawn Szabo at ‘Women Who Named the Unnamed’

I can’t put the words together to tell you how amazing it was. I’m in complete agreement with our friend Teresa who spoke to us at the intermission of how this should be an event that should reach schools and be televised and reoccurring to reach, inspire and touch the hearts and minds of the many whom it would definitely impact.

Third and the last Sequence, Celebrate the (here) and Now, Guests and the Hosts

Thank-you Fauzia, and Mariam and all who brought together ‘The Women who Named the Unnamed’, thank you Mom, for you truly are The Woman of…

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