Just a Thing

when you call objects
objects long enough
they become just that
just a thing

if i gathered corn husk,
if i gathered corn husk,
found in the field where you grow
the earth you have tended to each season

if i made the corn husk into a bird
if i kept her at my window as we watched the sun set
she watched the moon while we slept

if she is just an object
a thing
all of my life
is just a thing

there goes the baby

the window is at the edge of a tornado
out it all goes

because after all, aren’t we all
a part of the truth?

I Do Recognize

each and every kiss the wind has ever imparted
the open arms waiting there in the deeper levels of the clouds
their shadows big and merciful

yes each and every sun-ray
shone on my neck
upon my bathing eyelashes

oh indeed the sound of wind
the sound of reaching out
the sound of flying

each single drop

i do recognize the moment that i arrive
and i do recognize your voice