Sink Ships – Jumble & Myrh

lyrics/main vocals by Jenny Jumble
backup freestyle vocals and artwork by Myrh


Hope Away (song lyrics)

our way
callin’ callin’
your name

comin back from so far
come back come back from so far
come back in love from so far
from so far

I don’t know what it is
just cause you ain’t never said
but I know a way
but then no one has the time to hope away
this is precious time when no one really hopes a way
this time , hoping that the things will turn around
hope is waiting

what is the meaning
of the holiness that you so farther?
own it!
I did not open this way – now –
I can hold it.
This final wish i would not give
but i’m callin
i’m callin to your hollow
I am callin callin
callin your name

Hoping you….
_ i’ve been calling hope

Calling Hope