Shoutout: Artists Agitation Phi, Bissecta de Kinsâme and Myrh ***** “WARRIOR WITCHES” ******

Waking Dream NYC

I didn’t get a chance to give a shoutout last month, so this is long over due. Just the same, I have no idea what the beginning chant in the song “Warrior Witches” is saying, but that doesn’t matter too much.

Either way, it is too late for me now. I have been put under a spell of some sort in which I no longer have self control, but instead find it necessary to immediately go off and be wildly bonkers for no reason whatsoever. Uh oh! It would seem that I am now being forced to have an awesome time because there are warrior witches afoot.

Someone please help, as today, I have accidentally landed myself in some kind of highly trippy and highly random animated place where everything is vibrating and changing color and compressing and expanding. (I seem to end up in this place a lot, don’t I?)


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Meet Madame Babylon: Gothic Songwriter; Avant-Garde Multi-Instrumentalist (Kalamazoo, Michigan)

Waking Dream NYC

                                                                                                                                                              Welcome to the wonderful world of Madame Babylon, but you can call her Kairi Lansley. Lansley is from Kalamazoo, Michigan and is a talented, gothic multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and songwriter. From a young age, this artist took an avid interest in the performing arts, as well as making unusual, high energy sounds with a variety of classical, orchestral and electronic instrumentation.

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Waking Dream NYC

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 5.17.40 PM

Concerning the Waking Dream project, we have an update for you. We’re in the process of developing some brand new tracks with some brand new lyrics. :} Our EP “Pitchforks Are For Pilgrims” is finally finished, and now we can move forward. The new album has no name yet, but that’ll come.

So far, for this new album, we’ve recorded a couple of ‘scratch tracks’ for the songs “The Meadow” & “Hexes & Prayers.” These are both first try practices: definitely nothing fancy and a work in progress of course, but somehow I still really love… only one of these tracks. lol The other one, I’m currently having second thoughts about because it was just that half assed.

The music & lyrics to both however, were made with love and the tracks are full of mistakes, but then that’s why they are called “scratch tracks,” right? They’re garbage. We know!

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Unearth Noise Interview: Talks Of Thee Ancient Aliens, Shadowface & Dreamspeak (Mt. Olive, New Jersey)

Waking Dream NYC


Today’s interview is on Roger O’witz aka Unearth Noise. O’witz is a music artist from Mt. Olive, NJ, but he was originally from New York City. To identify the genre of this man’s music is a bit difficult, because for the majority of the time, I suppose one could describe him best as a psychedelic rock and electronic experimental artist?  It is my personal opinion that his music is suited for all things organic: the trees, flowers and humans alike. He has a natural flow that brings beauty and nature and harmony to its full bloom festival. There is a defiant joy here, not allowing you to classify that which changes constantly.

 O’witz started to tell me that “Unearth Noise is my primary artistic outlet. It’s very personal, and I have a sort of philosophical approach to it. Mainly, it means that I am attempting to remove my ego from…

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The Virgin Wash: Indie SoundCloud Artist (La Mesa, New Mexico)

Waking Dream NYC

41790429_332196300687646_7016320632728059904_nToday we are talking about The Virgin Wash a.k.a Marcy Angeles (an indie artist from La Mesa, New Mexico.) Her sounds are nothing less than genre blending. Angeles’ distinctive soft spoken vocals filtered through a delayed effect, echo with a poetic and emotional intensity.

She finds value in the experimental and abstract and uses various electronic sounds. I have heard her dabble through the genres, creating trip hop, post-industrial, grunge rock, dark pop, and synth wave songs.  

She produces songs with lyrics and themes that are direct outlets for productive rage and rebellious agony.  Her vocals stay assertive yet gentle in its recitations. She plays on our fears, thoughts of the past and thoughts of the future, as we brace ourselves for watering the wells that can be human emotion. 

While creating, Angeles plays all parts in her one woman band. She is the vocalist,  multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer for all…

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REVISIO: Unearth Noise / Dreamspeak | And The Light Beams Will Guide The Way

a review of And The Light Beams Will Guide The Way (includes my collaborations with Unearth Noise)


This intoxicating 75-minute collection of music is the 13th release from the Dutch label, Lullabies For Insomniacs. The Amsterdam based label has fully embraced wild sonic experimentalism at the heart of each release. Ultra-strange atmospherics by László Hortobágyi, twisted mutant electronica by Yasuo Sugibayashi and gorgeously lush psychedelia from Tarotplane being just a few of the gems they’ve unlocked so far.

This new release continues a tradition of strangeness. And The Light Beams Will Guide The Way is a grouping of two related projects. The first 6 tracks are by Unearth Noise while the last 7 tracks are a collaboration between Unearth Noise with the vocalist Myrh under the name of Dreamspeak.

Unearth Noise’s previous release – Prayer and Resonance (2016) and this latest release zone in on and explore further a fertile pocket of transportive electronica, ambience and texture. In the broadest sense, this grows out of Jon…

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